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2018 Calendar of Site Events

Date What's On
3/4 Nov Clear up Weekend


Rent Renewal for 2018/19 due 1 October 2018

Thank you to everyone who has paid their rent for the 2018/19 season. 


This is the last week for payment to be made.  Check your renewal letter (sent out by post at the end of September) for details of how to pay.  All rents must be paid in full by 12pm on Sunday 28 October. 



Rubbish on your plot

Dry, clean and burnable waste? - you can burn it on the bonfire on the clear up weekend on 4/5 November.

NB No plastics or synthetics should be burnt.

Check your email for further details on the clean up weekend (22 Oct email from Secretary refers).

Otherwise when you need to dispose of rubbish (not green waste which can be composted) you can take it to one of Croydon’s Recycling Centres.  Further information at:


Carshalton Community Allotment sessions run open sessions on Mondays 1pm-3pm and Fridays 10.30am-12.30pm.  More information at:


Huw Richards, for the latest a sensation in gardening circles. He’s made over 340 films delivering his tips and tricks of growing. He wants growing to be easy for people.

For more site-specific information and news check your email or see the allotment notice board.

Be sure to inform the Lettings Secretary should your contact details change by sending an email to:



Last Updated 23/10/2018